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Shedding Light (instead of pounds)

You have noticed that I stopped posting for about a week.  You may have noticed that I didn’t update “Weekly Update…” this week either.  I want to shed some light on the events over the last two weeks or so to explain my absence.  Bear with me as I’m going to throw a lot of unconnected information at you and I am not going into detail on most of it (not to keep it personal, but because it would just be a boring read)…

About three weeks ago my old company asked for my laptop back, which meant that I had to find a replacement because I was using that one as my personal computer.  My wife wants a replacement for hers as well.  She doesn’t have to have one but why should I get a new one if she can’t… (at least that was her logic)

I got a letter from my 401k about the two loans that have not been paid because I no longer work at my old job (payments were deducted from my paychecks).  It stated that I had to pay the full amount owed, or take it as a disbursement.  Taking the disbursement means paying several thousands of dollars in taxes as well as an additional 10% penalty.

My little sister Michelle sent out invitations to her wedding on the east coast.  Very exciting but the date… one week after my 10 year reunion.  That would be two back to back flights to the east coast, which is twice the cost of airfare and twice the amount of time off work.  I cannot go to my reunion and skip her wedding, it wouldn’t be right.  Besides, I want to go to her wedding.  I also want to go to my reunion.  I had a brilliant idea – I would take one plane trip to the east coast that spanned both weekends, and I would ask my job to allow me to work remotely for that week.  I would save the additional airfare and not have to take as much time off of work.

My closest friend Jason and his wife are coming into town in October.  I cannot wait for them to get here.  They will be here for a week.  It’s the week after I get back from Michelle’s wedding and I am taking it off of work.  That’s three weeks in a row that I am going to miss work and three weeks of expenses.

A global project at work affecting thousands of users is scheduled to upgrade to a new software release that they have been testing for almost a year the day Jason leaves to go home. 

I’m starting to feel a little bit of a money / time / scheduling crunch.  I’m a contractor so if I don’t work, I don’t get to bill hours.  This is a new concept for me because for the last many years I’ve been salary.  I’m asking my clients (where I’m contracted at) to allow me to take two long weekends, working remotely for the week in between and one whole week off as soon as I get back – all of which occurs the same month of a global application launch???

Oh… Did I mention that I applied for the full time position that just became available with the client working in the same group I’m in now?  Image this conversation I would have at work:

“Hey Dale, we are glad you applied for the FTE spot.  We would like to schedule an interview with you this week.” – Boss

“Sure, you know my schedule – I’m sure my current contract won’t mind” – me, joking around

“Oh, yeah – Speaking of scheduling, I saw your email asking for two long weekends back to back working remotely for that week and for a full week as soon as you get back.  Isn’t one of your projects ramping up the new version in that same time frame?” – Boss

A lot of our furniture was destroyed in the move here.  We have good friends coming into town.  My wife wants to buy new furniture before they get here (you know, so we can have a table to eat at, or a decent place to sit when we want to watch a movie.)

Stephanie and I are going through a leadership class at our church.  Its 19 weeks long and we are just finished this week.  The last class was a plug in class where you have to decide where you want to be involved at the church.

I have been stressed, I’ve been up late every night for the last two weeks (by late I don’t mean 11:30 at night – I mean I’ve been getting to bed between 2 am and 5 am).  Because of how late I’ve been going to bed, I haven’t been able to get up in time to ride my bike, so I only rode once last week and once this week.  Our diet has been in the tubes.

Did I mention that Monday was my anniversary?  Seven years of ups and downs – its been wonderful and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it.

Ok – if you are still reading at this point, you are committed. :)

So the point of all this?  To let you know why I haven’t been posting.  I haven’t been eating right or exercising.  I haven’t lost weight (more likely I’ve put some back on).  I haven’t had time to post.  I haven’t taken time to post.  BUT I love to document and share my life this way, so I am making it a priority again.  Any thoughts?

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