Building new friendships, reaching for old ones

I’ve been too busy lately and this morning is no exception, but I didn’t want to lose this train of thought.  Last night I went to a movie with a friend and I realized building friendships doesn’t just happen.  It takes work; it takes time; it takes effort; it takes desire – on both sides.  Its rare to find someone willing to put forth their life in the way needed to forge a true friendship.

My wife and I were talking last night and I said I wanted my son to have life long friends that are true and not just friendly acquaintances.  She replied simply “that doesn’t happen anymore”.  I know she was just lamenting how rare it is to find such a friend.  I share her concern.

This isn’t new information; I’ve known how hard it is to build deep relationships, but last night I realized how hard it is to keep old ones.  I miss a dear friend of mine from Ohio.  We talk on the phone sometimes – we even interact with each others blogs on occasion.  But the time we spend in hours of debate over coffee and cigars, the hours of car pool time, the back yard barbeque’s, the work hours meeting deadlines and creating solutions – are memories.

Great memories… but as I build this new friendship, I realize my old friend and I are no longer able to build these daily experiences together.  We will still talk, still debate over the phone on occasion – maybe even spend some time in person every other year or so… but the daily interactions will have to wait until we meet in the next life.

Jason – when you read this, know I miss you and I’m secure enough in my manhood to say it!


Another LA Riots?

I’m here on vacation, waiting on my wife and kids to get up and I came across this article that has me concerned.  Its a political piece written by Pat Buchanan that asks the question “And if Obama Loses?”  Do you remember the LA Riots?  If you are over the age of twenty, I’m sure you do.  The post I read this morning didn’t go so far as to connect the two events in any way, but I wonder if we could be in for a dangerous November Tuesday.

If Obama wins, I worry for the country.  I like that he is concerned for many of the same issues I am concerned with, but I disagree with him on every single action plan he has suggested to solve those issues.  He also lacks the experience.  I know there are many that argue that experience is not an issue, however if you were inventing your money in a major cooperation, and they were voting on a new CEO that lacked the experience to do that job, you might consider selling… The nation is much more important that my stocks and I want a President with the life experiences to help guild him through the job.  The real danger, however, in Obama isn’t that he lacks the experience needed to be president but, in my opinion, that he lacks the wisdom to know it

But back to Buchana’s question, what if Obama loses?  Will there be riots?  I seems like a rediculous question to ask – but I couldn’t believe the riots in LA back in 1992, and I’ve seen riots in Ohio over a football game – “we lost the game, that means I can get with a few hundred of my friends, turn over cars and set houses on fire!”


Is that his real name?

I’m not a baseball fan, but my wife is – or at least was when we got married.  Her favorite teams are the cubs and the red sox.  When I was offered discount tickets through my job to a diamond backs game hosting the cubs – I knew it was a good idea to pick them up.  Stephanie asked our friends to watch the kids, which they agreed without hesitation, and we were off.

To be honest, most baseball games are just too slow for me – but last night was different.  First, the stadium was packed – with cubs fans.  So many that chants like “Let’s Go D-Backs” were drowned out by “Let’s God Cubbies!”  and during the seventh inning stretch, when we all sing “take me out to the ball game” – the cub fans were much louder than d-back fans.  “Root, Root, Root for the D-Backs” was again changed to “cubbies”.  The score at the end of the game looked more like a football score than a baseball game – 10-6 cubs.  Now, while I do wish the D-Backs had won – going home with a happy wife was worth the loose.

Among the highlights – a grand slam home run, ice cream in a waffle bowl for $6, and my wife hi-fiving strangers.  But a personal favorite for me was finding out there is a player on the cubs team with this for a last name: Fukudome.

I have no idea how he pronouces it, but I know how I read it…