Shedding Light… Part 2

Ok, I don’t want to leave you guys hanging with the thought that my life is spinning in turmoil.  My last post titled “Shedding Light (Instead of pounds)” was my best to attempt to excuse myself from not posting and more importantly from not losing weight.  I do feel that I need to point out that at the time of the posting things were and still are going very very well for me.  I know you guys may have felt like I was down and out but remember, you were reading a history story and not a news report.

My old job did ask for their laptop back and I was having issues getting the files backed up.  But they have their laptop back and I am truly enjoying my new laptop today.  My wife is enjoying her new laptop as well :).

All of my 401k issues are resolved.

My current job agreed to allow me to work remotely for the week between my reunion and my sisters wedding.  I later learned that there is an eight hour drive from NC to Michelle’s wedding and after doing the math, I realized my wife was right – buying two plane tickets would have been cheaper than the cost of food and a car rental. :(

My good friend Jason is still coming to town and we are still launching an upgrade on the global application the week he leaves – but I can’t wait for him to get here.  We are going to play golf :).

As for the job… I started today as a full time employee!  That’s right – I got the job! What did I do on my first day at work?  I asked for Friday off. :D  I’m not kidding, but thats another story…

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