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“Oh No, Daddy!”

Everyday my son Zander is learning and doing something new.  He is 2 1/2 yrs old and been completely potty trained for several months, he is starting to say his ABC’s and he can count to 10.  Having Stephanie as a stay-at-home mom has been excellent for Zander’s learning curve.  A couple of months ago Stephanie started teaching Zander all the different body parts and he was learning fast.  He had already learned all the parts on his face.  As we walked through a sporting goods store he showed me just how much he had learned.

We were walking through the store and Zander stopped at a manikin.  “Leg, daddy” he tells me as he stops at the manikin and points to the legs.

“That’s right, Zander”

“Knee, daddy”, Zander says as he points to the knee.

“Yes son – that’s right”

“Feet, daddy”

“Yes son, those are the feet”

“Hand daddy” Zander started working his way up the manikin. “Arm daddy”, Zander gently rubs the arm of the manikin.

“That’s right, Zander”

Zander continued working his way up the manikin, no doubt he was thinking about pointing out the parts of the face he had learned.  Then he suddenly pointed and shouted, “OH NO, Daddy!”  I laughed out loud.  Zander was startled he as noticed the manikin had no head. :)

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