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My wife and I are always excited to meet new members of the Sackrider Family, so if your surname is Sackrider, please write us! You can reach us through email at or at:

Dale and Stephanie Sackrider
Glendale, AZ

One reply on “About Us”

Well done, Dale. This may be the best Sackrider web-presence that I’ve ever seen.

I wish you luck with your efforts at losing weight. As with many lifestyle changes losing weight has some very difficult components, not the least of which is our resistance to redefining ourselves — a three-hundred pounder has spent a lot of time reinforcing the notion that he is a three-hundred pounder. The bulk (pardon the use of the word) of your inspiration for slimming must come from yourself, but when you do look outside yourself for inspiration consider Zander’s smile. I’m sure that when you are feeling well about things, you and Stephanie want to give Zander the best life possible, including the habits and lifestyle that will give him a long and healthy life. Since much of what he learns will be through the examples you set, give him a home where the examples will lead to that life you hope for him.

And of course, you want a long healthy life for yourself so that you can have as much time as possible to see him on his way and enjoy the pleasure of his company into a long and happy future.

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