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The Sackrider Slimdown Begins!

OK, yesterday was the first offical day of The Sackrider Slimdown!  Dad, Dianne, and Stephanie are joining me, although, I’m certian I’m the only one brave enough to post my weight right here online.  I will weight in every Wednesday moring, and post my weight, as well as my eating habits and my exercise routines.  Maybe this psudo-accountability will help me to bring off the pounds.

Now because I want the thousands of readers out there (harharhar) to quickly see my weekly results, I’m going to create a new page and link it up top.  That way, it won’t get lost in my other posts about life, ministry, and family.  Feel free to comment on any of my posts – any words of encouragement are welcomed!

One reply on “The Sackrider Slimdown Begins!”

Hey Dale,

Just want to let you know how proud I am of you (and the rest of the “Sackrider Slim downers”)! I admire you riding your bike everyday. I have always wanted to live in a “walking community” because you don’t officially have to exercise its just part of your daily life. It’s one of the things I loved about London. You walk everywhere! Tommy and I walked at least 8 hours a day while we were there. Tommy & I have a few really bad habits that we need to change too. Bad food & no exercise! Hopefully, we’ll find our niche too! Keep up the good work!!!

Love ya,

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