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10 year reunion, 300lbs!

I have 12 weeks until my 10 year class reunion.  I weight somewhere around 300 lbs today (offical weight will be posted when the plan begins).  I want to lose 100lbs, BUT not in 12 weeks.  If I lose two to three pounds a week for 12 weeks, I should be 24 to 36 pounds lighter, or somewhere between 276 and 264lbs.

I haven’t seen a doctor, and most likely should.  But I didn’t use a doctor to put this weight on… :-p  I’ve been cycling for about three weeks now but I haven’t lost any weight.  So I’m expanding my focus to include diet.  Starting this Wednesday, July 5th I will be weighing in and posting my offical weight here on the site.  Every week on Wednesday, I will post my new weight, and all challeges and victories I experinced since the last week.

Feel free to comment on any of my postings and let me know what you think — any suggestions, concerns, or even random thoughts.  My life has to change – and a good support system is always important to success.  My first offical post of the plan will be on Wednesday, July 5th.  I’ll look for you there…