My Weight Loss

The Ride Goes On…

I started the offical ‘Sackrider Slimdown’ on Wednesday and one of my goals was to put 100 miles on my bike by next Wednesday.  Well, I did not think that all the way through. :)

I don’t really ride on the weekends, so I only have five days to make the 100 miles, right?  That’s 20 miles a day!  Wednesday’s I have to ride the bus home because Stephanie needs to be at the church by 6:30 to work the information table but child care isn’t available until 6:45pm.  There is a 15 minute gap that I have to cover, so I cannot be late, which means I have to ride the bus home.  That only leaves me four and a half days (that’s five trips to work, and four trips home).  Wait — 19 miles each way, 9 trips available, that’s 171 miles (not counting the 3 miles I ride from Arrowhead Mall to the church on Wednesday). Hmmm….. maybe this can be done, right?

 Well, here is an update – I rode 23 miles to work on Wednesday because that morning I had to ride to Metro Center to pick up a July bus pass and I caught another 4 miles home, so that’s 27 for Wednesday.  Yesterday I put 7 miles on the bike going to work, and only 10 coming home because I left work late, and it got dark – I don’t have a light on the bike (see My Bicycle Wish List posting) so I had to get on the bus before I wanted to.  That’s 17 miles for Thursday.  Today I put 7 miles on the bike on the way to work, and 21 miles home (I rode around the block a couple of times to get the 28 mile total).

That’s 27 + 17 + 28 = 72 miles!  I only need another 28 miles to reach my goal.  I have four 19 mile trips left (Monday and Tuesday, to and from work) for a possible total of 76 miles.  Yeah, I know, too much math…