My Weight Loss

My Weightloss Journal

Ok — One of the BIG reasons I finally moved to AZ was my wieght. I gained an average of 10lbs a year in Columbus OH, taking me from the slightly overweight 230lbs to the extreemly overweight 330lbs! The last summer I was in Columbus, Stephanie and I bought bikes and begain to ride a couple of nights a week and on weekends. I lost 30lbs that summer, but it got cold (remember, I was in Ohio) and I couldn’t ride anymore. I started to gain some of the weight back.

To get to the point, one reason for moving was to be able to get out more and lose weight year round, so I started riding my bike toward work. I say toward work because its 19 miles from my house to work. I ride toward work, then jump on a bus (all buses here have a bike rack). I have put over 150 miles on my bike in the last two weeks doing this! I have taken my bike the entire 19 miles home twice.

BUT, I still haven’t lost any weight believe it or not. I know many people want to tell me that its because I’m “gaining muscle” but I doubt it. It takes a lot to put on 1lb of muscle – the average joe would have a very hard time putting 10lbs of muscle on in a year. I would have thought I should have lost at least that since I started riding, but I haven’t.

I believe its because my food intake has increased with my excersize. So, I’m going to start keeping a weight lost journal to track my riding, and my eating. I’m hoping to find exactly where the problem is and fix it so I can start losing weight. My goal is to get back down to 230lbs. I currently weight 305lbs.

Maybe by the end of this, I will have a before and after picture!