My Weight Loss

Once a fluke, Twice is luck, But the Third Time was just plain hard work!

I did it for a third time — rode my bike all the way home from work (19 miles).  This time I took Union Hills instead of going down to Greenway.  I’m disappointed that I haven’t yet lost any weight, and my bloodsugar was 166 yesterday AFTER riding home.  That’s exremely high even after eating a good sized meal, but after exercise?  I should have been at 90 or even lower.  All day yesterday I had a high bloodsugar headache.  I’m guessing that I had to have been well over 200 for most of the day.  So, I’m going to start taking my bloodsugar meter with me to work again.

I need to start watching my food intake.  I’m guessing that’s why I had higher bloodsugar – my diet lately hasn’t been very regulated.  Well, that has to change.  I haven’t lost any weight despite the fact that I have put over 150 miles on my bike in two weeks!  I will not give up, I believe its only a matter of time before I begin to see results.