My Weight Loss

I made it!

I started riding the bus to work a few weeks ago.  It saves us over $120 a month in gas – which is cool – but it takes me an hour and a half to get to work – which is not cool.  So, I noticed every bus has a bike rack on the front so you can ‘bike-n-ride’.  I got to thinking maybe I could take my bike to work in the morning and ride my bike home.  So I tried that almost two weeks ago.  My thought was this, sure its 100 plus degrees outside, but I can get on the bus any time I get too tired, right?

So my first real attempt was no too bad; I made it about 8 miles before I got on the bus (oh, it’s 18-19 miles to work).  My second attempt I made it 14 miles.  But yesterday, I made it all the way home – in all I put 23 miles on my bike yesterday.  I had to ride up to Union Hills from my house (about four miles) because my bus already had two bikes on it (they only carry two).  I could have waited 30 mins for the next bus, but I chose to cycle instead.

 I have to thank my brother for sending me a camelpak backpack when he heard I was riding my bike.  It holds about 70 ounces of water.  In my first attempt I drink all of it and went to my reserve bottle on the bike.  Not smart, I water logged myself and only made it 8 miles.  Yesterday, I had plenty of water left because I wasn’t drinking it the whole trip, just kept taking enough to keep my mouth wet (it is the desert).  My wife bought me a laptop backpack as well so I can lug my laptop to and from work on my bike.  My goal here is to loss about 80lbs.  Maybe I will post a before and after picture.