Family Time

Stephanie and I went on a bike ride a couple of Saturdays ago.  We left the house around 11 am with Zander in tow and hit the cannals.  We biked a total of 15 miles but we had several stops along the way including a playground for Zander, a basketball court where we realized we aren’t going to be drafted by the NBA anytime soon.  We had a great time – I really enjoyed spending the day with my family.

We were going to do the same last Saturday, but after being out late at the drive-in movies Friday night, we both over slept.  We could have still gone out, but we both wanted an excuse to be lazy.  Anyway, our goal is to be more and more active – one Saturday of staying in is Ok, but with Zander coping everything we do, being active is the example we want to set.

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Did you really mean to relate basketball and the National FOOTBALL league? Now that I know what the canals look like that makes much more sense to me. I am not picturing T2 any more.

You need to blog more. I need more stuff to read.

Miss you.

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