VOTE!!! – er… Nevermind

Imaging that you are watching a sports team that you grew up with as a kid play the big game.  Only – they haven’t been all that good in the last few years and you don’t like the new coach.  In fact, you would even think about not cheering for them but they are playing their rivals and you still hate that team more than you dislike the new coaches of your team.  This is how I went into last night… 

We lost.  And how could we not?  As a friend put it – The Republicans forgot to dance with the one that brought ’em.  Conservatives feel like the fat girl on the bench – and since most of us are either entrepreneurs, self-employed or both, we tend to expect results.  When we don’t get them, we fire people.  Republicans were fired yesterday. 

To be honest, I cannot image a result that I would have been happy with last night.  Maybe the Dems can do better… I fear they will do much worse. 


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I hit send to soon…

The strange thing is the dems that won ran conservative campaigns, the things that polls said people said they wanted were conservative items. It is just that the GOP forgot what they are supposed to stand for.

OK – I maybe I’m just missing it here Jason, but I don’t see any misspelled words. I did run spell checker – came up with nothing except where I used ’em instead of them. BTW, doesn’t your last post say “Arizona Pica” instead of Arizona Pics? :o)

Dale, the fan and team metaphore is interesting. The team, however, is off target. My take on what you’ve written is that the team you used to root for is the Republican party and that the leadership of that party is the coach you don’t like. The only reason for continuing to root is to see the arch rival, presumably the Democrats, defeated. At that level your team metaphore seems to work.

Perhaps it will be more valuable to take the whole metaphore up one order of magnitude. Look at the team as the United States and the coach, until January, as the Republicans. Those of us rooting for the team wish the best for it, regardless of who is calling the plays. Certainly I have been wishing that our nation would succeed over the past six years. I would prefer saying that the leaders, whether I voted for them or against them, are doing a good job. However, when the plays seem to go wrong time after time we lose confidence in the coaching staff and elect a new set of coaches.

Now that we have selected a different coaching staff I hope that they help our nation move forward in ways that benefit the vast majority of Americans, and that they will help us share the fruits of success with our brothers and sisters across the globe.

I am so very glad that GOD is still in control. I agree with you Dale, I fear the dems will do much worse. It did’t take them 4 days and they are already calling for an immediate withdrawl from Iraq, and they aren’t even sworn in yet!!

However I rest in God; and His promises… Thank goodness for that, what would we do without Him??

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