The Making of a Christmas Tree…

The Making of a Christmas Tree

You have to refresh the page to start over. I will upload the album on the gallery section of the site soon.

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Shouldn’t you be decorating a palm tree or something? Sorry I didn’t call you back I expected Heather to go back to sleep and she didn’t so I didn’t want to sit on the phone with her in the car.

The pics are great though.

How neat!! We put our tree up too— but if I could have I would have decorated a palm tree. Oh well, Indiana is still ok. 60’s in late November… I am beginning to wonder if we are having Arizona climate here?? Oh well, by Friday reality will set in finally with 19 degree lows for Saturday AM.


Yeah, I am just glad that I got the prelit one in the divorce!! Happy Christmas guys, I’ll get my cards out soon. Feel free to give me a call!

Love Ya,

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