Blast from the Past: myOldBlogs

Can’t get enought of myBlog?  Well, I’ve just added 13 entries from over a year ago.  I started an online journal when Zander was born – quickly abondoned it, then picked it back up again – Then abondoned it again.  I’ve published them under the correct dates that I wrote them, but you can ignore the timestamp on the posts – You can read them all here.

These 13 entries are all of those efforts.  I wrote them before I had WordPress (the blog software I use to publish this blog) and I believe the lack of entries is directly related to amount of effort it took to write an entry.  Anyway, most of its boring, but there are a few great posts about Zander and Stephanie – so enjoy, and feel free to comment on anything you read there…

Oh, by the way, some of the posts were writen when I was feeling a little hopeless due to the long cold winter weather and my not being in ministry full time but remember these are over a year old, so please don’t attempt to cheer me up based on what you read in myOldBlogs.