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Movie Nite With The Fishers

We are having a blast with Jason and Heather and little Alora.  They flew in on Wednesday night and will be here until Tuesday morning.  We hung out at a local mall Thursday, went to Tombstone Friday (Stephanie and I had never been before either), enjoyed a lazy day on Saturday, went to church this morning and tonight decided on a movie night over heading to Flagstaff. 

Jason and I haven’t been able to golf yet and we are already out of time.  We only have one day left and there are so many choices – golfing, day trip to Flagstaff, or just enjoy debating over the things of God in an effort to stir each other up to good works.  I’m off topic – Movie night… 

We debated going to Flagstaff tonight so we could get to the Grand Canyon tomorrow, however the thought of spending that much time in the car seemed overwhelming and we opted for the drive in movie.  Heather had never been to a drive in and with two small children (Alora and Zander) it seemed like a great idea.  The movie was “Man of the Year”.  It wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be, but it also wasn’t as liberal as I expected it to be either.  About half way through, Zander was restless and started acting out.  I snapped at my wife, I snapped at Zander, and I wish I had handled my frustrations with grace.  I didn’t throw things or scream and yell to cause a scene, but I did lose my cool.  Besides the fact that it didn’t help the situation, I treated my wife with disrespect and I was rude in front of my friends.  

God is still working on me, but does the process always have to spread to my closest family and friends?