You can drive the boat…

Well, I’m back from my North Carolina trip!  I got to see my wife and my son after ten days of being apart.  I hope to get all of my NC stories posted, but its 2:30 in the morning here so I am keeping it short.

I was out on my pastor’s boat for a couple of hours Monday morning, which was only possible because my working hours were still west coast time (9am for me was 12 Noon here).  Anyway, I was invited to go fishing with Pastor Mayberry, which I gladly excepted.  I don’t get to fish often and I was looking forward to it.  I stayed the night at Pastor’s house to get an early start that day.  We got up, hitched up the boat and headed for the store to gas up and buy some junk food breakfast.  I had a diet Sun Drop and a candy bar (remind me to post about Sun Drop soda for all you non-southerners).  Pastor has a similar combination of soda pop and candy breakfast.  We finished at the filling station and headed for the water.

Pulling up to the dock that morning was awesome!  The water was still and there was a chill in the air, so the water evaporated into a slow fog.  The fish were sure to be biting today!  We backed the boat to the water, I held the tow line, Pastor pulled the car up to the parking lot and we were ready to fish… except I noticed Pastor only had one fishing pole in the boat.  Surely he didn’t intend for us to share?

Me: “Pastor you only have one pole in the boat”
Pastor: “oh yeah, you ain’t got no fishing license”
Me: “Oh, so what does that mean?”
Pastor: “You can drive the boat”


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Sure you didn’t need a license to drive the boat??? Glad to hear you had a good time– I can relate on missing the family. Nine days feels like an eternity I am sure. I have not been away from Cheryl any longer than four days, and usually by the end I am ready to start walking if need be towards home. Being I usually travel to Florida from Indiana or Ohio that’s a long way!

Michael Rousey

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