My Weight Loss

The 20, The 10, The 5, He could go all the way….

And I did!  I rode my bike all the way into work this morning.  My legs feel like rubber, but I don’t stink – I took a shower in the mens locker room here on site at my job.  If I ride all the way home as well, today will be the biggest riding day for me so far.  I never thought I would be able to ride the whole way to work, but I did it.

To be honest, the whole process has opened my eyes about taking action.  Three weeks ago, I was thinking, “maybe I could ride my bike part of the way to work.”  I told my family and friends about it with mixed responses.  Everyone was supportive, but I also got several comments like, “well, it’s going to get pretty hot out there!” and “that’s a long way, what are you going to do when you get too tired or hot?”.

What I learned was that if you want something, you have to take it.  I wanted to ride my bike to/from work.  I could have thought about it for weeks, talked about it for months, and never done it.  But I made it happen!  I just did it.  When I wanted to move from Columbus, Ohio, I waited years, but then finally, I did it.  I just did it.  Like Nike’s motto, Just Do It!

Now I need to take the same attidute about my eating habits — I want to cut out sugar drinks (including diet).  I want to stop eating sugary foods like candy, sweet breads, and deserts.  Well, I have to stop thinking about, stop talking about it, and Just Do It!