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Ok, I’m sure you already know about, right?  Well, yesterday I was home sick from work and spent sometime on  It’s not something I have a lot of time for but apparently I’m the only one that doesn’t.  Everyone I know is on myspace.  I’ve had a site there for a while, but I don’t use it — it just points people back to  Anyway, yesterday I clicked the link to import my gmail contacts to myspace so I can find out who in my contacts has a myspace page.  I was surprised…

Gmail automatically adds anyone that emails me, or that I email to my contacts.  I have hundreds of contacts from spammers to co-workers to friends of my friends through mass joke emails.  Anyway, there were a couple hundred of them that actually had myspace pages!  I started going through them and I found many people from my contacts that I didn’t recognize.  Several of my sisters friends who got in my contacts from some ‘reply to all’ most likely, had sites I blushed at.  A few of my high school friends had sites I enjoyed browsing.  But the most interesting site I found was for a recruiter that contacted me last year when I was looking for a job…

Jenny has a wild side!  I don’t know Jenny other than the two emails she sent me over a year ago asking for my resume to fill a job she had in some other state. Today, however I feel I know her more than ever!  She has long legs and likes to show them off, enjoys ‘having a good time’ and cannot seem to get her picture taken without a beer in one hand.  Do people not understand that the internet is not private?

If you use your work email to setup your myspace account – people you work with WILL FIND YOUR PAGE!  If you use your full last name – people you know at church, work, social clubs WILL FIND YOUR PAGE!  You are posting to the PUBLIC INTERNET!!! Myspace and all sites like it are available to anyone with a browser.  Perspective employers are now ‘googling’ applicants before they even get to an interview – do you really want their first impression of you to be “Zodiac, 115 lbs, Blond, loves to dance”???

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well I dunno, if I was an employer looking for a vibrant, fun professional it could work. Bwhahahahaa.

Yep, nothing is private on something like that and I’ve got one. Only pic is of a former pet, the only reason for it is to keep up with J, D and Logan.

It’s an interesting barometer of society and personalities. I think people use it to show who they really or are or who they’d like to be.

Uncle D

Yipes! I wonder what’s on my MySpace. I even wonder what name I used when I staked my claim. At this point I can’t even invite anyone to take a look because I don’t know the URL to MyParticularSpace. More wasted bits on the disk drive at the TheirSpace storage farm.

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