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Ok — its starting to get HOT!

Normally on Wednesday’s I have to take the bus to Arrowhead mall, then ride my bike to the church so that I can be there in time to watch Zander for Stephanie, right?  Today I leave work at 4:30 thinking, I’ll catch the 4:30 bus and be able to go home first so I don’t have to fight with the bike rack after church… then I got this bright idea – it’s only 4:30 – and it only takes me about 1 1/2 hours to get home when I ride my bike all the way.  Hmmm… that puts me at the house around 6pm.  I leave the bus stop and head home despite the fact that my left knee was starting to hurt and it fells a little hot.

Two miles later the bus passes me by and I’m thinking, WHAT WAS I THINKING!  It was hotter today than I’m used to.  I can ride home at 100 degrees for the most part and not even think about the temperature.  Today, I had to stop twice in the shade, get off my bike, take off my gloves and my helmet and cool down. But I did get home by 6pm and I was able to take a shower and get ready for church by 6:15pm!

I’m afraid that if August is HOTTER than this, I’m not going to be able to ride my bike everyday.  Well, too soon to panic, lets just take this one day at a time, right?  Until next time…

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