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500 MILES!

I would [ride] 500 miles, and I would [ride] 500 more… dadadada

OK — I’m not the Proclaimers singing “When I wake up” but I DID RIDE 500 MILES!  My bike had about 150 miles on it when I got here to Phoenix, AZ.  Today, my bike rolled over 500 miles!  I worked from home today, but I wanted some exercise in despite the fact that I didn’t have to commute.  So after work, I jumped on my bike and put the 5 miles on it that I needed to hit the 500 mile mark.

My goal is to put 100 miles a week on my bike for as long as I’m working at [my current job].  If I change jobs, then I’ll adjust my goal basised on my commute. :)

edited to remove company name from post for privacy