Batman lives in Scottsdale!

We were eating sandwiches at a small store front in Scottsdale when he walked right past us – the real batman! Ok, maybe he was just some forty year old pedophile dressed in the Adam West version of batman from head to toe in 100 degree June heat. He smiled at Zander as he walked by.

Wait, let’s back up a second… My sister, Cherine just gave birth to the newest member of our ever increasing family – Ava Summer Evers! She is a beautiful girl and we are very glad she is finally here. My other sister Karline was able to come into town for the event – a rare treat for us and for her. Karline was with us and we were headed to our house for the night after spending some time with Cherine in the birthing center. There is a lot of night life in Scottsdale, but I’ve never been much for ‘clubbing’. We had our 3 year old with us, so we needed to find a family friendly place to eat, not to mention one that doesn’t break the bank.

It was after we sat down outside that I noticed the armed security guard in front of this shop. I was thinking why would this place need an armed guard? Then several police officers walked up to order sandwiches and I had two thoughts – first, we were likely in the safest place in town, and second, these guys would know the good local places to eat so we most likely made the right choice (we hadn’t received our food yet). Then I noticed the patches on the back of their vests – “Gang Control”!

Batman walked past while the police officers were ordering their food. My sister must have felt like she was on vacation at some theme park were it would be normal for a full grown man to be dressed as a comic book character because she quickly pointed him out to Zander. I’m guessing this guy was just looking for attention based on the creepy smile on his face when we noticed him. Apparently he had been walking around the block many times throughout the day because when I asked the police about him, they said they had already talked to him.

As we finished eating, Zander was talking to Stephanie about the police and Stephanie said “yes they keep us safe”. I added “apparently from gangs – which is good because I’ve heard there is a vicious batman gang in these parts.” The officers got a good laugh out of it, but I’m still wondering if the mental ward at the hospital knew Batman had escaped.

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Commissioner Gordon, Robin and I were wondering where Batman had gone. It’s not uncommong that the Bat-Navigator goes on the blink about the time of the summer solstice. Most often the Bat-Route-Deviation-Detector stops him within 200 miles of Gotham, but this year the BRDD was in the shop. Batman himself would have fixed it before the solstice except for the fact that Alfred hasn’t been himself since the IRS audit and Bruce Wayne ended up doing all of the lawn work and the cooking, leaving Batman with no time to get the BRDD ready. We sent Robin out to Scottsdale in the Batmobile so everything should be back in order soon.

i am the batman that lives in scottsdale.i help keep scottsdale safe.i dress up as batman,robin,superman,spiderman3,and space ghost. this year i am geting more outfits.i am 31 years old not 40.i am not looking for attention.i use the out fits for a heat suite.i also power walk all around scottsdale rd and 5th ave to main street in scottsdale and all over.i whent from 250 lbs to 231 lbs.i also like to dress up for the kids.i would also like to go to parties.i like giving out autograph’s and taking photo’s.i also eat at some of my favorit places to.if any one in scottsdale see’s me pleas stop me and say’s and autograph’s are free all way’s. i am on the police if i ever see any thing bad on scottsdale rd and 5th ave ill get on my cell phone and call the watch out scottsdale a superhero is in town. (the scottsdale superhero)

every thing is r you doing?ill be out in my robin outfit tonight.ill be around scottsdale rd and 5th ave.what do you do for fun?i like to dress up and make kids and people smile.i also wpuld like to go to parties.
aka scottsdale superhero.

hi there,
how are you doing?i will be at the block party to night at 5th ave and craftmens street in scottsdale.i will be dresst up as robin from batman and robin.around 12am i will be on stage.i was superman last the block party.i had so much fun.i got a lot of photo’s taken. your friend scottsdale superhero

hi there bud,
ill be in the paraide on saturday in scottsdale.ill be come on out and have some fun.the party is on happy trail rd.between maine street and 1st ave in scottsdale.there will be rides and music and many starts at 10am for the paraide and 11 for the party.your friend scottsdale superhero

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