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Ok – It’s been a while since I’ve pushed any of my friends to read through the Bible with me.  The wait is over!  I got a lot of feed back that reading the Bible cover to cover in six months was just too much (don’t get me started – 7 chapters a day = 30 mins of reading, ANYWAY…), so for those of you that said you just couldn’t study the bible ‘that fast’ – we are slowing it down.

Starting July, we are reading the New Testament in six months – that’s right, a mere 1.5 chapters a day if you wanted to read straight through.  You won’t get a better deal than that!  Ok – I’m making light of the situation, however we are going to ‘study’ the word and not just read it, so there may not be a set ‘reading’ schedule per se, but its all still being worked out.  One suggestion was that we group the books together and pick blocks of time to cover a group – for instance, July and August we could dedicate to reading the four gospels, but not have a rigid chapters per day set.  You could read the gospels in parallel and compare them, or read quickly past the ‘begets’ and spend days on the beatitudes.

As always, we are going to log our thoughts, questions, revelations online with my good friend Jason Fisher’s website:

If you have thoughts or questions on a reading schedule, study pattern, or just how to get started, please visit, sign up and post!  I look forward to reading with you!