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Moving Sackrider Slimdown to Mondays!

At the request of Dianne, we are moving the offical weigh in to Mondays.  So I weighed in yesterday at 299.5 lbs.  That’s a two pound weight loss since last Wednesday!  I still have twelve Monday’s between now and the 10 year class reunion, so I’m counting this last Monday as the new kick off date.

My goals remain the same, I want to take off at least 30 lbs by the class reunion (even though I’m not sure I’m even going…).  If I could lose 3 lbs a week, I will reach my goal!  I’m looking to accomplish this goal through diet and exercise.  One hundred miles a week on the bike and a reduced calorie diet.

I have noticed that I’m more tired throughout the day.  I’m going to start taking a one-a-day multi-vitamin to help fight that.  I’m drinking a gallon of water a day.  Anyway, I believe I’m going to be seeing a thinner me very soon!

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Hey Dale,

Just a little note about drinking a lot of water. You can drink too much. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. I got into a water kick once and I was drinking alot (can’t remember exactly how many ounces but way over the recommended amount). Anyhow, I started to get really weak, tired, and couldn’t think clearly. It would come in waves. I cut back on the water and it went away. I thought I would mention it because you said you were drinking a gallon a day, you were tired and you are pretty much execersicing like an athlete! Don’t worry I know that you are probably not consuming too much but I thought it would at least be good to mention it as most people don’t know about it. Here’s a few articles about it.

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