Golf, Frisbees, the Park, Us together

Today was another great day. After church, Stephanie and I went to the driving range. She won’t play golf with me, but she will go to the range and to play miniture golf. She said, “I’ll go with you to work on your long game and your short game, just not at the same time…” :)

Anyway, after that we went to Play It Again sports and picked up a basketball and a football. Then we went to the park and found a frisbee. We spent most of our time throwing the frisbee back and forth. Zander loved it – he got to run and fall and roll around. He also chased the frisbee back and forth. It was a lot of fun.

Well, tomorrow is Monday and the work week begins. They are calling for rain Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It looks like next weekend is going to be a good one though. I am supposed to go pick up a swing set from Tom at work.

I am off to bed… Until next time, g’dnite.

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