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Church Sunday…

Billie Hunt ( taught at our church Sunday morning and night.  Her teaching was about not giving up on your dreams.  She used Joseph as an illustration.  The whole thing got me thinking, so I would say she did her job well.  I am called to ministry.  I work in Information Technology.  I make a good living in IT.  Over the last eight years, I’ve earned certifications, mastered new technologies, and advanced my career.  Stephanie is able to stay home with Zander because I earn a good living in IT.  I am called to ministry.

In a sermon at World Harvest Church, Mario Murillo quoted his book Critical Mass saying:

You are a Christian! That means to do anything below what you were created to do will bore you!

I love IT work.  I love scripting and making technology work.  I love solving problems with technology.  At the same time, I hate IT work.  I hate that I’m not working in ministry.  I hate that I’m still advancing my career because I feel like I’m abandoning my calling.  Billie Hunt quoted Matthew 22:14 from a translation I’ve never heard of tonight (The Johnson translation maybe?).  It read something like this “Many are invited to live in the spiritual, but few prepare to do so”…

Lord – Am I preparing to live in the spiritual?  Or am I preparing for something else…

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Dale, I remember something Pastor Parsley said to us one time in service. If we can do ANYTHING else and not do the ministry, DO IT. But if your called and that fire is buring in our bones for SOULS– then we will have no choice! I find myself in a similar siutation right now. I am persuing some of the very same IT certifications you mentioned; CompTIA, Microsoft MCSE, and the like; but my heart still rages towards the call of ministry. You pray for me, and my wife and I will certainly pray for you. Walking into the call of ministry on our life isn’t easy, especially when it requires sacrifice and hard choices. I pray we all make the right choices!!

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