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So, as you know by know, I’m working to lose weight.  I’ve already seen a lot of difference in my clothes and the way that I feel.  But for the first month of bike riding I didn’t lose any weight!  Everyone says, “You are most likely gaining muscle”, but gaining a pound of muscle takes a lot of work.  I would have expected to lose 10 or 15 pounds with all the cycling I was doing.  I know I didn’t gain 15 pounds of muscle.  So, what happened?The Bod Pod is going to help me start tracking just that.  What’s the Bod Pod?  Simply put, its a machine that measures body composition.  That’s body fat and lean mass.  You already know what body fat is.  Lean mass is everything else; muscle, water, bone, and internal organs.  There are other ways to determine body composition, but the Bod Pod is the fastest, most accurate way for me.  I already know that I’m in the Morbidly Obese category, but as I cycle and diet I want to track my progress.  I’ve done the Bod Pod once before in Columbus OH, but it’s been years and the results would be no where near where I am today.  So today I called 800-4-Bod-Pod to find out where I could get this done here in Phoenix. 

It’s a mile from my job and they are running a special – $150 for unlimited visits for one year!  That’s a great price believe it or not — besides, I believe it will be an encouragement for me to continue my exercise and diet, so I’m counting it as an investment in my health.  I’ll post my results in the weekly update tab!

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