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Time’s Up

Its time.  Tomorrow morning I get on a plane for NC.  Tomorrow night, I’ll be at an East Gaston High School Football game with several of my high school alumni.  I’m excited to go, and I look forward to seeing everyone, but the trip is bitter sweet.  I haven’t been away from my wife for nine days since before we were married.  The thought of not seeing her for nine days makes me question why I was willing to go on this trip without her.

I want to show off my wife and my son at the reunion.  I want them by my side at Michelle’s wedding.  I’m going to miss them a lot while I’m gone.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been way from Stephanie before – some travel with my last job, or men’s only events at my church.  But never for nine whole days.  I’m going to miss her a lot — I know we will be able to talk on the phone every night, but its not the same when you cannot cuddle up next to your wife to talk about your day, and listen about hers…

Pray for me :)

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Hey Dale,

That’s so sweet and I know exactly what you mean! Wish I could come to NC while you are all there. Tommy has to work this weekend and we both have to work this coming week but we’ll see you at Michelle’s wedding. Love & miss you… Your Sis

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