I’m guilty

Ok — a friend of mine has a blog similar to mine but rarely posts anything. I would call him and say, “Com’on! Post something already!” but he would reply that although he had a lot of thoughts he would like to share, he didn’t have time to write them out in a manner he was willing to post for scrutiny. I remember thinking, you could spend forever reworking something to get it perfect and never post it. Well, I’m guilty…

I’ve got a sermon titled “Stuff Seekers” that I want to get uploaded. I have blogs titled “Frustrated with Status Quo”, “Integrity Matters”, and “Anyone can blog a soundbite” that I haven’t finished. Yesterday I wrote out a blurb about Religion vs Relationship that I want to develop into a sermon and type up.

My ‘stack of stuff’ is getting piled up higher and higher. Not to mention that I’ve been in NC for a week now; I had a great time at the reunion, spent time with my great friend Shannon Williams, spent time with my former pastor, spoke briefly at the pulpit of my old church on Sunday… my list of stories to tell grows and the longer I wait to write them down the less likely I am to get them down.

I guess this post will serve as a check list for me to remember what to post…