It’s Just Pizza!

My job has been crazy!  I’m working over 80 hours this week and I have worked over 70 hours a week for the last four weeks.  There has been a lot of stress and a lot of ups and downs, but through it all I know it will be fine in the end.  I’ve reminded myself of the following story to get myself through:

When I was 15 I took a job as a pizza maker at Domino’s Pizza.  I worked there for a few years before leaving for college.  I have a lot of good memories from that job.  I remember on one occasion, I was working the cut table (that station was responsible for pulling pizza’s from the oven, cutting them, boxing them, and grouping them for deliveries.  When a driver got back from a run, he or she would have to take the oldest pizza and any pizzas going in the same direction.  Sometimes a driver would skip the oldest order in favor of a better run or a better neighborhood – it was against the rules and if caught the driver would face reprimand, but it still happened.

Anyway, I was working the cut table and one of our ‘old-timers’ came in from a run and suddenly got very upset.  Apparently, one of the younger drivers had come in before him but skipped the oldest order to take a grouping of three orders going to a nicer (better tipping) area.  After about a 10 minute rant, the older driver took the skipped order and left.  Here’s the part that stuck with me – we had an older lady (maybe in her late 50’s) that also delivered for us.  She had come in during the old-timer’s rant.  After he left in a tiff, she looked at me and said:

I took this job because of the low stress – It’s just pizza!

It’s just pizza!  What a great way to look at the situation.  I know that the issue for the old-timer wasn’t the pizza, and I know that life isn’t always simple – but when things start to get stressed, I remind myself – It’s just pizza.

My Weight Loss Work

Work has been crazy

I know I haven’t posted in a while – and this one isn’t going to be a great one. I just wanted to take a second to let any readers I may have left know that I haven’t been around here lately because work has been crazy. I have worked past ten pm several days in the last two weeks. Last friday I worked until 12 midnight. For those that don’t already know, I get to work around 9 AM everyday.

On the weightloss front, I told myself that if I went two weeks without training after my personal training sessions were over, I would renew. Looks like I’m going to have to renew… maybe. I say maybe, not because I still have time left in my two weeks to pull through, but because I’m giving myself another chance. I didn’t work out for the two weeks after my training, but I was sick one week and my work out buddy was out the other. This week (week 3 since professional training) I have worked out twice. I’m putting myself on a short lease – as long as I am working out three days a week, I will not spend the money on additional training, but as soon as I miss another session, I’m headed down to the gym to meet the trainer….

Anyway, I hope to get on here again this weekend and share some of the past month with you guys… thanks for reading.

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Shedding Light (instead of pounds)

You have noticed that I stopped posting for about a week.  You may have noticed that I didn’t update “Weekly Update…” this week either.  I want to shed some light on the events over the last two weeks or so to explain my absence.  Bear with me as I’m going to throw a lot of unconnected information at you and I am not going into detail on most of it (not to keep it personal, but because it would just be a boring read)…