Weight loss Journal

Journal Entry: Dec 4

WAAAAHHOOOOOO! Ok – maybe I’m celebrating too soon, but today I weighed 299lb.  Under 300!

No workout because I worked until after midnight at my job.  Oh… and Dinner was baaaaaaaad…


Breakfast: Bagel with Egg and Ham: 135 cals / 8g fat / 20g protein / 19g carbs

Lunch: Chicken Italiano: 345 cals / 5g fat / 42g protein / 37g carbs

Early Snack: Fruity Drink: 70 cals / 0g fat / 15g protein / 1g carbs

Evening Snack: BBQ Puffs: 130 cals / 3.5g fat / 12g protein / 13g carbs

Rubio’s Big Burrito Especial Steak: 870 cals / 36g fat / 32g protein / 103g carbs
Chips and Beans: 350 cals / 13g fat / 7g protein / 53g  carbs

Water and Diet Soda to drink…