The concept of getting paid to blog

Ok – I mentioned in a previous post that I am looking to make money blogging and I’ve had a few people ask me how that’s even possible. I’m not the expert on professional blogging, however I have a basic understanding of at least one channel for making money blogging. While this isn’t a get rich quick work-from-home and make thousands a week part time kind of thing, there are professional bloggers that do make a living by writing about matters that they are passionate about. If you are like me, the first thing you think about when I say that, are the online columnist that write for News outlets, like CNN or FoxNews. There are also bloggers that are paid a salary to write for technical outlets like Microsoft and Google. But there is another way that doesn’t involve a degree in journalism or a career change. The internet is an information and entertainment outlet just like radio, television, magazines, newspapers, etc. For a television or radio station to make money, they sell advertisement time and a magazine sells ad space, right? You don’t watch TV to get advertisements, you

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watch because the program is educational, informational, or entertaining (or in some cases because you can’t find the remote, or there is nothing on in real time or on the DVR – but I digress). For a blogger to make money, they have to write something that people will find educational, informational, or entertaining… then build and maintain an audience of visitors for their blog… and make space available for advertisers. Its not rocket science and its not a new idea, just a technology twist on an old one. I don’t know if I will ever make a full time living as a blogger, but I already write about things I love… so I’m half way there… now if I could just build and maintain an audience of visitors… :o)

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