Weight loss Journal

Journal Entry: Dec 1st

I knew it would be tough getting up on time to be at the gym by 6 or 6:30… I got up at 7:15am.  Needless to say, I missed the morning workout. My official starting weight is 302lbs.  I’ve been weighing myself over the last two weeks and my heaviest has been 306.4lbs.  Regardless, I need to lose 30lbs from today by Christmas.  So – 272 lbs is my goal.

I did not work out after work either – in fact, I only just got home at about 11:30pm.  It was a long work day.  But, I have been great in my eating habits today.

Here is my food journal breakdown:

Breakfast: English Muffin and a diet Dr Pepper:  170 calories / 3.5g fat / 14g protein / 25g carb

Morning Snack: Chili Nacho Cheese Protien Chips and a diet Mt Dew: 110 calories / 3.5g fat / 10g protein / 14g carb

Lunch: BBQ Port with green beans, corn, vegetables: 450 calories / 10g fat / 44g protein / 42g carb

Afternoon Snack: Kiwi Strawberry Twist Shake and a diet Mt Dew: 70 calories / 0g fat / 15g protein / 1g carb

Dinner: I worked late and missed it.

Ok – normally I won’t have a late night snack… but I missed dinner, so…

Late Snack: Sea Salt & Vinegar Puffs and two diet Dr Peppers – about 100 calories / ?? fat / ?? protein / ?? carb

Total Calorie count for the day – about 900… with no workout, I’m thinking thats ok.

PS – I know, I know… replace the diet sodas with water…