Big Three Automakers in DC again

The Big Three automakers (General Motors, Ford and Chrysler) are back in Washington today to show congress how they plan to cut costs so they are worth of a loan in the billions of dollars.  Why do they need the money you ask?  Because they aren’t profitable anymore.  I wonder what my bank would say if I called them and said I spend more than I make or have the ability to make, so much so that I will be completely unable to pay my bills and that’s why they should loan me some money!  Wait, the governments not a bank… they don’t have to use logic when spending our money…

But if we don’t bail out the automakers, what will they do?  File bankruptcy!  Restructure their debt and de-unionize.  GM could stop making product lines like Buick which dropped almost 24% in sales this year.  Why don’t they you ask?  Oh, thats because they have contracts with dealers that they have to pay out if they stop making the line – they paid out one billion to STOP MAKING Oldsmobile… how could they possibly get out of making that mistake again… oh yeah, my government is giving my money away like candy on holloween.  Is there any doubt that Washington is going to continue the insanity???

Airlines, Banks, Automakers, who’s next?  Take a number… Get in Line… everyone will be served – oh, except us tax payers (which by the way, isn’t the poor – they don’t pay taxes, they are in line with the rest of the handout crowd).

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