My Weight Loss

December 2008

You’ve heard this tune before… I’m going to lose weight.  Stop it – I need real encouragement – not doubt and disbelief.  I created a new page called Weightloss.  Any posts I put up in the “Weight loss Journal” category will be included on that page but not on the homepage (I’m not sure if the RSS feed will but my guess is yes).  It will be my journal with daily eating and exercise entries.

My December goal is an extremely aggressive 30lbs.  My current plan is to cut my intake to no more than 2000 calories a day and burn 500 to 1000 calories each day in the gym.  In order to stay on top of it, I plan to post everyday my food intake, my exercise, my sleep pattern, and my daily weight.  I will adjust as needed.

I want to get no less than 6 hours a day in sleep, so I have to be in bed each day no later than 11:30 or I will be late to my 6 am workout.  Its almost 2am now… No excusses, I’m up too late and I know this is a habit I will have to break.  I look forward to your encouragement, your prayers, and your support.

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You can do it, yes you can……! Ya know posting about it is a great way to not only motivate yourself but everyone who reads your blog as well. Maybe I will put that candy cane back on the tree…..

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