Does this mean this phone is the BEST phone out? No – it means HTC isn’t keeping up with demand.  Could the HTC EVO out sell the iPhone? We will never know because if its unavailable, people don’t wait weeks and months to find one – they get something else.  You could say that’s not the case with the iPhone because if you want the iPhone 4 – there isn’t any other option.  You will wait.

But with the Droid X, the HTC HD2 (now with an Android 2.1 with HTC Sense ROM available), the Dell Streak, the orginal Droid, the Droid Incredible, etc, etc, etc – Can you really expect people eligible for an upgrade (read able to jump mobile providers) to wait for you to get it together?  Of course not.

I finally convince my wife to upgrade her OLD Palm Treo 750 to an HTC Evo and its unavailable.  At first I thought I would pick up a white one from BestBuy but quickly realized ANY Evo, white or black is going to be hard to get.  Then I called Radio Shack – they said “we don’t believe we will be able to get any additional Evo’s for months”.  BestBuy said “whenever Sprint decides to send us more”. says “Sorry, this device is so hot we can’t keep it on our virtual shelves.”

I get that scarcity can create demand but total unavailability boosts the sales of your competition.  Com’on HTC and Sprint – get it together!

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Sprint is so lame! They roll out 4g service to several new cities – I’m in one of them – and run ton of TV and newpaper ads in the local media and there aren’t any HTC EVO 4G phones to be had. Stupid, suptid, stupid!

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