Sprint took away my download tab from the Android Market

I do not like having my apps on my phone change over night without me clicking so much as an OK button.  This morning, I open my phone to search the market – and there it is – “Sprint” – right where my downloads tab was.  I’m not ok with this.  When I update an app on my phone, I’m prompted with information about what the app has access to and the ability to say, “hmmmm…. I don’t think I want that”….

I might be able to accept that fact that I don’t have the ability to turn down an update to the phone that will close a security issue, or fix a critical bug – but changing my market app without so much as an text message isn’t giving me warm fuzzies.  I get how they did it – the market is similar to a website – the content changes each time I open it  – and I understand why they did it – they want to market their apps…  I want my downloads tab back on the home page of the market.

You can still get to the downloads tab – you just have to hit menu from the market home screen and you will see downloads.  Read more about this change here: