mIQ from BestBuy – best backup app for android (its like carbonite for your phone)

The title says it all – check out the mIQ app from BestBuy – its on the market and its free.  What does it do?  Have you heard of carbonite or mozy?  Automated, real time backups for your phones pictures, videos, text messages, calendar, and contacts.

Ok – I’ll give a quick review, even though I’m not sure you need it – I don’t want or need my phone to backup my calendar, contacts, or email – they are all in the cloud already because like you, I’m using google services for those.  Text messages are cool to be backed up – but now if you don’t backup your contacts, the text messages will only display phone numbers which is worthless…

Pictures – flawless backups – it just works.

Video – works great – as long as your videos are less than say 10 seconds or so.  This is because of the 20 meg size limit on videos.  This issue is a big one for me – I’ve contacted the app support team and submitted several feature requests – this is at the top of the list.

Last but not least of the short comings – it only allows for 1 gig of space!  Yes, I know, your phone has an 8, 16, or maybe even a 32 gig memory card – 1 gig isn’t going to cut it.  Currently this no option for a premium plan allowing greater uploads or higher memory.

Regardless of these short comings – this app is amazingly simple to setup and use and best of all – it just works.  Give it a try – soon, you won’t need to plug your phone into your laptop to use it… :o)