Weight loss Journal

Journal Entry: Dec 5th

Putting last night’s off diet dinner behind me – this morning I weighed 298.1 – another pound off!  Still, working late everynight this week has made it difficult to workout in the mornings.


Breakfast: Cheese Strawberry Danish 110 cals / 5g fat / 6g protein / 11g carbs
Lunch: Bourbon Cjhicken: 265 cals / 4g fat / 35g protein / 24g carbs
Early Afternoon Snack: Chocolate Mini Crisps: ?? unknown, likely less than 100cals
Dinner: Guiltless Chicken Sandwich from Chilli’s 490 cal / 8g fat / ?? protein / 63g carbs
Late Snake: Protein Chips: 110 cals / 3.5g fat / 10g protein / 14g carbs