My bike is busted!

I got a flat sometime between when I parked it on Friday and Sunday night.  I took the bus Monday, and got home too late to get it to a shop.  So after we had dinner with Dad and Dianne (they just got back from vacation) I ran into a Walmart looking for a new tube for my bike.  Here’s a piece of advice for you – never buy anything for you bike at Walmart!  I thought I had 26″ tires.  I also thought I could change a tube.  I was wrong on both counts.  Right now my bike has a bent rear wheel, and a smaller tube than required, and I don’t believe I’m going to be able to ride my bike this week at all.  That’s not good, not good at all.  I’m going to try tomorrow, but its already 2am, and I should have already been asleep for a couple of hours.  I’ve been meaning to write about my ride home Friday, my brief run in with a 15 year old boy at a bus stop this morning, and my weekly results for week 4.  Sorry for those of you who check this blog daily (believe it or not, there are a few people doing that now).  I’ll publish more soon….

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I like the new look of the blog, I was about to laugh at the though that there are people checking this ever day, then I realized I am one of them!!!

I hope you can get your bike back in order.

Miss Y’all

It’s about time! I have been checking this site everyday! Yes, I have been hopelessly bored at work. Anyhow, the new look of the site is great. There is one thing I miss though. On your old blog I thought you always had a picture of you and Stephanie at the top. I think you should add it.

Sorry about your bike. What a bummer…

Love ya! (for those non-Sackriders out there I’m Dale’s sister so I can say that!)

What a relief! When I first read the headline for your post I thought your bike had been arrested. I imagined the worst:

Friday night, while you were peacefully sleeping your bike snuck out of the garage and headed south toward the border. As it passed through Tucson it met up with other renegade bicycles and continued south. An hour or so later, Mexico was in sight.

Had they looked closely, even in the predawn twilight, they would have seen dozens of law abiding Schwins and Huffys off the side of the road. But so eager were your bike and its pals to get to the border and start smuggling undocumented workers across that they didn’t notice.

As they started north with their illegal human cargo the Schwin and Huffy gang jumped out at them, blocking both their progress into the Land of the Free and their escape back to the Land of, well, I don’t know what Mexico is the land of, but their escape was blocked anyway. The Mexican passengers were able to jump off the bikes and disappear into the scrub brush, but the bikes had no choice but to sit on the pavement and await the Border Patrol. Busted!

Of course, this didn’t happen. Your bike was actually only broken down.

Hope you get it fixed soon.

I really hope you get it fixed asap…I know how passionate you are about staying on track….ha ha, I just made a joke!

I walked 2 miles today, praise God! Thanks for keeping me on track! I am very interested in finding a good bike…would prefer to get one used (would like to spend $100 or less) so I can find out how much I like it before spending lots of money on something that might sit in my garage! But, you promised you would come over 3 times a week to ride together, so wiith that incentive, help me find a bike, okay Son?

Love ya! See you tomorrow at church Tive Stephanie and Zander a big kiss from me!

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