The AG goes Foursquare?

Ok – many of you may not have a clue as to what the AG or the Foursquare are. I grew up in a Foursquare church (it’s a denomination) but I spent many years in the Assemblies of God (The AG) – another denomination. The core beliefs of both denominations are very close.

As the name implies, the Foursquare denomination ( is based on the four fold ministry of Jesus – The Savior, The Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, The Healer, and The Soon-Coming King.

The Assemblies of God has 16 “Statements of Fundamental Truth” (found here). Now they may have always valued a subset of those fundamental truths over the others as ‘core beliefs’, but I have only recently noticed a prominence given on the AG website to four of those 16 statements. What four you might ask? Salvation Through Jesus Christ, Divine Healing, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and The Second Coming of Christ. Hmmm… I’m noticing a similarity to the Foursquare.

The Foursquare has a long standing logo to represent the four fold ministry. The AG recently added a new logo to there site. What do you think of the two?


I’m sure it’s only coincidence…

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The “four” squares have been somethiong that the AG has used over the years. My father (once and AG minister then later a 4Square minister) once told me of how the Evangel (AG publication) would often in that publication use the four squares to define the core of their belief, printing it often in that publication. Infact, as told by my dad, he was preaching during the 60’s in an AG church on the 4squares one Sunday and after church a dear saint hit him over the head with her Evangel and said “you stole that from the Evangel”.

However, the new AG we believe logo, wow! Coincidence? Hmmmmm. The Foursquare fellowship is now over 2300 church in the states and under the leadership of Jack Hayford. In other words, they are becoming known and this logo is really really close to the 4squares’. Maybe the 4square could start refering to themselves as a great assembly of God’s people and use a similar AG logo to show it. lol.

Come to think of it a couple of years ago the 4square and AG agreed to put side the long standing bylaw that one could not be an ordained minister in two groups at the same time and did so for Matthew Barnett so he could us Angelus Temple for church services for his now famous LA Dream Center. hmmm.

Anyway, not sure why they have this logo but one can be certain that they know about the 4square, their logo and how close this one is. The real question why did they do it? Hmmmmmmmm?

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