Zander Stories…

Ok, Zander is growing up everyday but I haven’t put anything up here in a while. Here are a couple of the latest cute Zander stories:

The Drive Through

After church recently, Stephanie and I stopped at a drive through to pick up a quick dinner. Usually when we are going out to eat, we order Zander something too, but since we were headed back to the house, we figured we would save the money and just feed him from what he had at home – he gets more groceries than Stephanie and I combined.

Anyway, as I was ordering, Zander started to tell me he wanted a milk but I quickly hushed him up so that I could finish my order and we pulled around to the window. As the girl handed out our drinks, saying “This is the diet … and here is the regular”, Zander rolled down his window and very clearly and politely says, “And I’ll take a milk, please”.

The girl must have thought this was cute, because she promptly brought him a milk.


We have a bedtime routine with Zander where we let him know he only has so many minutes left before bedtime, then we take him ‘potty’, then to bed where I read him a story, sometimes two before lights out. On days where we relax his bedtime a little and he is up much later than he should be, we sometimes skip the bed time stories.This particular night, we were watching TV and let it get later than we should have. Stephanie and I paused whatever show we were watching and took Zander to bed. It was so late, that I almost forgot to take him ‘potty’, which you just cannot do unless you want to wake up at 3am with a screaming kid that doesn’t understand why his belly hurts until you tell him to get up and go to the bathroom (at least he doesn’t wet the bed).

So, he was already in his bed, when Stephanie reminded me to send him ‘potty’. On the way to the restroom, he asks, “Can you read me two stories?” and I wasn’t paying attention and said, “yes”. Stephanie knowing that I wasn’t paying attention and that it was late enough that Zander would go to sleep without a story (and perhaps motivated by the fact that we would not be able to finish watching whatever the show we were watching was until I finished) looked at me and said, “you just agreed to S – T – O – R – Y!”

My son stopped walking toward the bathroom, turns and says, “S – T – O – R – Y is in my room!” While my first thought was, “I have the smartest three year old in the world!” – my wife wisely asks Zander, “what is S – T – O – R – Y?” to which he replied, “my doggie!”

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