Many of you know that I have been a Bible Reading advocate for many year.  I believe if we would spend more time reading the Bible and less time reading Harry Potter (or worse, watching TV and not reading at all), our lives would be better.  Many of you share my belief that the Bible is the great collection of writings available today, but like me you have found times in your life where you just don’t read the Bible.  I joined an online reading group hosted at that read through the Bible twice a year for a couple of years.  I found it difficult to get others to read through at that seven chapters a day pace.

Anyway, Jason Fisher and I have started a new Bible reading initiative that we hope will bring more people on board with their own devotional plans – whether that is one chapter a day, or one book a day.  We hope to connect people with the resources they need to be successful in Bible reading with Advice Articles, Study Notes, Links to online Bibles, and the like.  You will notice a new tab on my site that links to  I hope you take a moment to check it out, send your feedback, and start reading!

Here is the site: 

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You could at least make it a link to my site :)

I will let you know I am reading to get a head so I can spend the 21st until I am done reading the Deathly Hallows.

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