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Father’s Day Thoughts

Today we celebrate fathers – I think. I’m not sure I would call it celebrating. On Mother’s Day, the church is full with standing room only in the back. On Mother’s Day, pastors across America talk about treating our mothers with respect, and even give alter calls to unsaved children. On Mother’s Day, we wake Mom up with breakfast in bed, or nicely wrapped presents. On Mother’s Day.

But on Father’s Day – its a different story. Lunch at a BBQ restaurant and a tie are among the highlights. Then there is the church service. This morning at church, we had a guest speaker. His message was from Matthew chapter 5. Actually it was only verse 7 – “Blessed are the merciful…” His point – Fathers need to be merciful. The real kicker for the sermon was the illustration at the end – he told a story about a man that had his only daughter late in life. She was killed by a neighbors dog in a vicious attack right in front of her father. This was not a story that I wanted to hear about on Father’s Day. The point of the story was the mercy this now childless father showed the owner of the dog.

Another preacher I know preached “12 things fathers should do, IF they want their children to be delinquents.” I don’t think we could get away with that on Mother’s Day. Could you imagine a sermon titled, “Why it’s your fault that your children aren’t saved, Mom!” Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure those sermons – as well as the many others like them have value and purpose. I just don’t see them as celebrating Fathers.

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Another example of “Why men hate going to church.” Time had an article about how men don’t deserve Father’s day. It was written by women and the only sources quoted are women. Could you imagine if that was done on Mother’s day?

Yep, it’s the tear down instead of the lift up. A few mother’s day services ago I actually hear a preacher compare mothers to fathers and tell how much better they (mothers) were than men (not fathers – men).

It doesn’t seem that fathers get there necessary accolades or it’s taken very serious. I think fathers are seen and mindless, knuckle dragging drones that are whipped by the very apron they helped create.

It’s too bad really because it is a team effort and yet it doesn’t seem like the wives are standing up to be the Proverbs 31 woman God intended.

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