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Stephanie’s Debit Card Number Stolen!

I noticed a draft on the checking account for $291.84 over the weekend. I didn’t know what it was so I asked Stephanie if she knew. When she said it wasn’t her, I got a little concerned. Turns out, I had good reason to be concerned. Somebody got Stephanie’s card number and used it to stay for a week in Wichita, KS at a Value City Inn!

He used the name Johnnie McCray with a Columbus OH address that is less than five miles from our old address. The hotel agreed to refund the funds, but we had to cancel her debit card and we still need to contact the three credit agencies to flag her social for possible fraud.

Its hard to believe that there are people out there that really do this stuff. I’ll keep you guys posted on the process…

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Man, what a crazy attack of the devil, especially right before the big bike ride. That’s a good tip about the credit bureaus (thanks!!)– I had a credit card associated with my business used one time to do gambling on the internet; but never did that. Apparently it was ok, because 2 years later we bought our house– but that’s a fabulous idea, especially if the thief really wanted to do damage. Most just want a fast buck or two at your expense.


Was the card actually imprinted with his name? If it was I wouldn’t worry about them having her social. I saw that all the time when I worked in credit card fraud at Chase Bank. He probably just made a good guess on some numbers. That’s scary though. If the hotel didn’t refund you then the bank would of had to. That’s why I hate debit cards…it’s your immediate cash supply. I like using credit cards since it’s a credit line instead. Let me know if you need any help!!

There was this whole big thing a few months ago about crooks paying wait staff at restaurants to swipe your card on a special device when they are ringing up your bill. Then the crooks take the info they get from the magnetic strip and make “new” cards with it. I think something similar is what happened with my card.

Dale, if you find out how they stole your info let me know. That is such a bummer! Glad it wasn’t for more though and that you got your money back!

If they used an address that was close to your old address maybe they got a statement sent to your old mailbox… so did you call the cops in Columbus? If you know his address you could send some freinds that still live there over to “visit” him.

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