D-Tour 2007: Glendale, AZ to Del Rio, TX Events

The D-Tour: 2007 Millennial Ride

Five days left until the newly named – D-Tour! Thanks go to Aaron Delong for the name. I’m getting shirts made up this week. Friday I rode for 62 miles, Saturday I rode for another 33. On the tour I have to ride between 55-95 miles a day. I will post the day to day agenda before I leave on Saturday morning from my house and head for our first stop in Globe.

I can tell you that we have two days planned where Stephanie will be picking me up and taking me to that night’s destination (the first day is one of them!). We are staying at camp sites for much of the trip, however we do have a few motels planned and one bed and breakfast. I start riding most days by 6am and I am completely done for the day by 2pm.

I’m very excited and I think Stephanie is actually getting a little excited as well. I know she will be excited when its over. If all goes as planned, we will be in Del Rio by Thursday morning June 7th.

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I wish you well, Dale.

I didn’t realize that you’d have a support vehicle on this adventure. The picture I had in mind:

Dale, a credit card, a sleeping bag and 2 bottles of water on a bicycle.

That was bad enough. But now I learn that I’ve got to feel sorry for Stephanie, too. Fifty to 80 miles per day in a car? Boring!

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