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How is that OK?

After a full day of bike riding (kinda – I got called to work about an hour into the ride), swimming (yes, the water was freezing but we did swim), and playing, Stephanie and I took Zander to see “Open Season” last night.  It’s a cartoon about a domesticated bear that saves a deer from being slaughtered by a hunter before open hunting season begins.  It started out great – it was funny and Zander was glued to the big screen.  Then out of nowhere, Stephanie and I both look at each other and say “Did he just say Orgy?”

I’m not a stickler for strictness as many religious are.  I am likely too relaxed in my view habits when it comes to Zander, but this was like getting hit in the head with a fast ball while at a fishing event; completely unexpected and unnecessary.  Boog, the bear, is completely trashing a convenience store with Elliot, the dear.  It’s a cartoon – I’m not ranting about the fact that they broke into a store and started trashing the place.  I’m not upset that they were binging on stolen candy – again it’s a cartoon and I wouldn’t expect a bear loose in a convenience store to do anything else.  But when Boog opens the cash register, grabs the cash, throws it into the air and yells ‘Orgy’ – I was shocked.  This is a cartoon!  A kids movie, right?

OK – I understand the definition of the word included “any act of immoderate indulgence” and this sugar binge qualifies as such, but IT’S A CARTOON!  The denotation of the word may be correct, but its connotation is sexual in nature and I just didn’t expect to hear it in a CARTOON.  Am I over reacting here?

I thought, maybe I heard it wrong.  So I jumped online and did a quick search.  I only found one site that mentioned the incident at all – it was  Do they list it under “Profanity” – no.  Maybe under “Sex / Nudity” – nope.  Although they do seem to think that ‘smooth and creamy’ is likely referring to a woman more than a candy bar???? No – It’s listed under “Imitative Behavior” with quotes like “Sweet”, “Dang”, and “Cornflake”.  Is it just me, or is something wrong with this picture?

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There is something definitely wrong with that picture! The thing is, what do we do about it? Not go to the movies? It sounds like a really cute movie minus that but most children own dvds that they watch over & over & over again until they have every word memorized. That word is not something you want your 2 yr old to know. How can we protest in a way that truly makes a difference?

Yea, I see that as a problem. I suppose you can try to explain the difference between denotation and connotation to your son, (I am so glad to see my influence in your life) but I hardly think it would be effective.

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