D-Tour 2007: Glendale, AZ to Del Rio, TX

Sixty Mile day AND two flats!

I had today off because we were supposed to go to Las Vegas. That was canceled because we couldn’t get child care for an overnight trip that included a weekday. Anyway, I figured it was for the best – I miss my friends and really wish I could have gone to see them- but money is tight and I need the training time. So back to the title of my post –

I left the house today at 5:30am – I had a blast! It was cooler and I stayed in the canals for over 20 miles. I jumped out of the canals and headed up cave creek rd. I stopped after 30 miles for a short break. I had steady inclines for over five miles – but no real climbs. I was really having a lot of fun. Then it happened- my bike starting riding funny, pulling to the right. I look down and you know it – my front tire was flat. I was completely in the middle of nowhere! I had pasted a gas station like 8 miles back and I knew there was nothing for over 10 miles in front of me. I wasn’t bright enough to carry a spare tube or the tire tool I needed to change my tire, so I called Stephanie.

After walking over 3 miles (I wasn’t going to just sit there by the side of the road to wait) a guy in a truck pulls over and asks if I need help. I told him “Thank you” but said my wife was on her way. He replied, “Are you sure? I have everything you need right here in the truck, tubes, pumps – I’m on my way to a race.” I said “Wow, thanks”. Stephanie pulled up while we were changing the tire. She forgot the tire tool – but brought the replacement tube and pump. This kind gentleman only had road tubes – I needed a hybrid tube, so we used his tools to open the tire, and my tube to fix the flat.

It was getting hot – the temp was hitting 105, but I still felt good, so I opted to stay on the road despite my wife’s requests to join her for lunch. About ten miles later – you guessed it – another flat, this time I had picked up a nail in the back tire. I had Stephanie pick me up this time. I realized a couple of things on this trip today:

  • Take all the tools you need to fix a flat
  • Leave early in morning and get my riding done by noon

I still can’t believe I had two flats in one ride…

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I am sorry you couldn’t make it too, it was a fun trip. I wish you could have been there. I hope you don’t have that kind of trouble on your big one.

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