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Naming the Bike Tour – part 2

OK — I’ve had some great suggestions. But I’m still searching – and with the bike tour only a week away, I better find something fast! Some of my favorite suggestions from you guys –

De Ass is Sore Tour — DAS 2007 by Gena
Trip N Dale’s by Aaron
The Trek to Hell Rio by Dana

I’ve thought of a few additional names:

Blast the Ballast Bike Tour — The B3Tour
Trek of Tonnage — T-squared Tour
Push Past the Poundage Tour — The P3Tour

If you have any additional ideas – or just want to cast your vote for your favorite, please pipe in – there’s only a week left!

One reply on “Naming the Bike Tour – part 2”

I like these:

D Tour
Tour de Ouch
What am I thinking?!?!?!?

Will Stephanie be taking some pictures or video along the way?

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