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I Quit… Again!

I have been putting my weightloss entries here on, but I really felt like I needed to dedicate some time and energy to losing weight and that warrants a new blog.  So I just setup I Quit… Again!  I plan to post there everyday regarding my journey to lose 100 lbs.  Who knows, I could even be an inspiration for others… my main goal however is to not quit this time.

Here is an excerpt from my latest entry at I Quit Again titled “How to Recover from a Bad Food Choice“:

This wasn’t a random accident; this didn’t happen to me, this was done by me.  I had a pastor once that said people don’t fall into sin, they “dig the swimming pool with a spoon, fill it using a thimble, build the diving board out of toothpicks and jump in”.  I planned to get skittles when I headed to the movie.  I skipped dinner knowing I would need the calories and could use that as justification.  I am guilty as charged.  I went to the movies and for me the movies are a place to eat skittles (for you it might be popcorn, but not me).

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You have inspired me to try to lose my extra weight… mainly because if you lose 100 pounds and I don’t lose any- then we would weigh the same…so I can’t have that! haha. My goal is to lose 50 pounds in 2009… then I plan on getting ‘knocked up’ again in 2010 (hopefully not to gain much and not to have gestational diabetes again); then after that pregnancy I want to lose the rest (make it down to 120-130 goal weight).

So good luck to us both!

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